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Kodak EasyShare Cameras CX6330 USB Cable

Product Description

New Kodak EasyShare Cameras CX6330 USB Cable
Ships from USA.
US-Mainland Shipping: 3-7 Business Days.

New generic Compatible USB Data Cable w/ Ferrite For Kodak U-4/ EasyShare DX6340
Quantity: 1
Start syncing your camera with a PC today through this premium quality USB mini 4-pin data cable.
Connect your camera to your PC / Laptop to access and synchronize your pictures.
Color: Black
Best Replacement for the original Kodak U-4 cable / HP C8452-8001 / Olympus CB-USB1
Accessory ONLY. Camera not included.

Compatible With:
Kodak: C Cameras C300
Camera Dock Camera Dock II
CX Cameras CX4200, CX4210, CX4230, CX4300, CX4310, CX6200, CX6230, CX6330, CX6445, CX7220, CX7300, CX7310, CX7330, CX7430, CX7525, CX7530
DC Cameras DC4800
DX Cameras DX3215, DX3500, DX3600, DX3700, DX3900, DX4330, DX4530, DX4900, DX6340, DX6440, DX6490, DX7440, DX7590, DX7630
LS Cameras LS420, LS443, LS633, LS743, LS753
Z / ZD Cameras Z7590
Konica Minolta: DiMage 7 Series 5, 7, 7Hi, 7i
DiMage E Series E203
Olympus: C-series C-1, C-1 Zoom, C-2, C-200, C-2040 Zoom, C-2100 Ultra Zoom, C-211 Zoom, C-700 Ultra Zoom
D-series D-100, D-150, D-150 Zoom, D-230, D-510 Zoom
E-series E-10, E-100 RS, E-20, E-20N, E-20P
Samsung: Digimax 210SE, 220SE, 350S
Sanyo: DSC-SX550, DSC-SX560, IDC-1000
Sharp: VE-CG40U
Sony: CyberShot F Series DSC-F505, DSC-F505V, DSC-F55V
CyberShot S Series DSC-S30, DSC-S50, DSC-S70
Mavica - CD MVC-CD1000

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