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USB Data Cable For Sony Ericsson K550c K550i K550im

Product Description

New USB Data Cable For Sony Ericsson K550c K550i K550im
Ships from USA.
US-Mainland Shipping: 3-7 Business Days.

Start syncing your phone with a PC today through this premium quality data cable.
Connect your cell phone to your PC/Laptop to access and synchronize your phone book contacts, e-mails, and appointments, change ring tones and background pictures, take advantage of other useful applications!
Length: approx. 48 inches (122cm)
Quantity: 1

Compatible With:
SONY ERICSSON W760 W760i W760a W580i Z750a D750i J100a J100i J220a J220i J230i K310 K310a K310c K310i K510a K510c K510i K550 K550c K550i K550im K610 K750 K750c K750i K790 K790a K790c K790i K800 K800c K800i M600 M600i M608c P990 P990c P990i V630i W300 W300c W300i W350 W600 W600a W600c W600i W550 W550a W550c W550i W580i W700 W700a W700c W700i W710c W710i W800 W800c W800i W810 W810c W810i W850i W880 W880i W888c W900 W900c W900i W950 W950c W950i W958c Z310i Z520 Z520a Z520c Z520i Z525 Z525a Z525i Z530c Z530i Z550c Z550i Z610i Z710 Z710c Z710i Z712 Z750i

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